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Tap into your leadership advantage

Looking for a science-backed coaching experience that will help you powerfully level up your leadership effectiveness?

With my 25 years’ experience in commerce and clinical psychology, there’s a reason key executives at Westpac, Allianz, Knight Frank, TPG Telecom, Woolworths, and the NSW Government call on me to unleash their leadership potential, business performance and personal wellbeing.

Ready to liberate your leadership talent? Let’s talk.


Years of experience


Commerce Psychology

Leadership Circle Profile Certification
Executive Coach Sydney

Helping you apply the science of success in leadership.

I often meet incredible leaders who feel overburdened by their compounding responsibilities. Bogged down by the day-to-day, constantly putting out fires and lacking the support to truly tap into their talents and operate at an elite level. Yet with the right guidance, leaders gain strong inner confidence, strategic clarity, composure and influence.

Using the highest tier of business and behavioural science expertise, I provide business leaders with a powerful thinking space to develop advanced leadership skills. Through nuanced expert feedback and advanced psychologically-grounded techniques, I can help you master the art of strong, influential, and impact-driven leadership.

You’re in the right place…

Are you an enterprise executive, or the CEO of a substantial private business?

Do you want a safe, confidential space to honestly assess your personal satisfaction and leadership effectiveness? A place to express your challenges, get one-to-one support and refine your leadership in a way that liberates better performance, organisation-wide?

Let me help you walk away more confident, assured and clear on your next steps as a leader.


Executive recommendations:


Dan is highly insightful. I have no hesitation in recommending him for Executive Coaching and leadership work.

Justin GrahamCEO M&C Saatchi
Carmen Rechbauer, CEO Healtshare NSW

“I would strongly recommend Dan as a trusted advisor to any leader considering leadership transformation work.”

Carmen RechbauerCEO NSW Healthcare

“Dan helped us become a highly functioning executive team. I strongly recommend your consideration of Dan as an Executive Coach.”

Kiril RuvinskiDirector Corporate Partnerships

Blending the power

of psychology

and business


Dan Auerbach - Sydney’s Leading Executive Coach

Want to master the art of leadership? You’ve probably already realised that an average coach won't elevate your unique talents to the level you need.

Dual-qualified in Commerce and Psychology, I have lectured at the Australian Graduate School of Management (MBA program). I'm an active entrepreneur with lived CEO experience. My current firm supports the wellbeing of 600 member organisations and I also maintain a practice as a sought after Clinical Psychotherapist.

With a unique blend of expertise from psychology and commerce, I empower my clients with powerful insights and tools for professional growth. I am a trusted partner providing confidential 1:1 coaching to senior executives and CEOs. Should we work together, you will be challenged, but you will also experience an unparalleled level of personal support to develop as a leader and as an individual - that's my promise to you.


Enquire to find out more about evolving your leadership.

    Surry Hills

    302/88 Foveaux St
    Surry Hills NSW 2010


    418/185 Elizabeth St
    Sydney NSW 2000

    Direct T: 0404 041 666