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I have no hesitation in recommending Dan for Executive Coaching and leadership work.

Dan has worked with the M&C Saatchi Senior Leadership group in various capacities including Executive Coaching, consulting, and group facilitation.

He has connected with a large number of our Executive and Senior Leadership group and the feedback has been extremely positive across the board.

Dan is engaging and highly insightful. He brings valuable perspectives on team dynamics and leadership functioning in ways that have been immediately helpful to our team.

The work we have done has elevated our ability to meet the complex challenges and opportunities of today’s fast-changing workplace.

I have no hesitation in recommending him for Executive Coaching and leadership work.


Justin Graham

CEO M&C Saatchi

I would strongly recommend Dan as a trusted advisor to any leader considering leadership transformation work.

Dan has a unique ability to absorb complex information and extract the salient leadership challenges. He is able to discern the point of your growing edge in a leadership scenario and to take you back into the scenario for further development.

He has helped me go back to moments of challenge to uncover emotions, thoughts and behaviours and to present these back to me in ways that have greatly expanded my awareness. From this point Dan was able to work with me to test or explore new ways of working and relating.

Since working with Dan, many of my direct reports spontaneously commented on positive changes in my leadership and demeanour. I have achieved far greater engagement and performance, even in previously difficult or stuck scenarios.

Our work together has continued to unfold over time. Dan has been an invaluable ally in helping me manage the stress and workload of a testing portfolio during Covid. Dan has helped me develop far better perspective, work-life balance and wellbeing.

I would strongly recommend Dan as a trusted advisor to any leader considering leadership transformation work.

Justin Graham

Carmen Rechbauer

CEO NSW Healthcare

Dan has been an invaluable partner to our organisation.

I strongly recommend him as an Executive Coach.

Dan has been an invaluable partner to our organisation
With rapid expansion we found that communication between the business units was lacking and we were all going our own way. Our senior teams priorities were not aligned, there was little accountability and group wide initiatives were forgotten or shelved.

Dan worked with our senior team, helping each of us to become highly functioning executive team members. He helped us understand our responsibilities to the group beyond our day to day functions and he helped us develop the relationship skills we were lacking to become aligned.

Dan has an uncanny ability to connect to a range of personalities, to recognise the growth potential in each team member and to motivate them to try new ways of engaging.

The program has had a major business impact. The senior team are more accountable, projects are aligned and completed without fuss and we now look forward to and enjoy our work as a group. I strongly recommend your consideration of Dan as an Executive Coach.

Kiril Ruvinksy

Kiril Ruvinksy

Director / Corporate Partnerships, Strategic Private Wealth

Dan has helped me clarify the leadership journey I want to take.

I was introduced to Dan for assistance to interpret & reflect on my 360-degree review results. In previous experiences with other coaches, this assistance was high level and limited and focussed on a couple of actions which did not materially differ to my own interpretation of the 360-degree feedback.

Dan’s approach was to help me understand the behaviours underlying my 360-degree results. With Dan’s guidance and provocation, I better understand my own psychology and why I approach situations like I do.

This has given me a deeper insight into my behaviours and how these are perceived by others. With this insight I feel better equipped to align my behaviours with the intent I wish to convey.

Dan has helped me clarify the leadership journey I want to take and how I can best achieve this through managed behaviours.

Ethan Orsini

Ethan Orsini

General Manager, Super Retail Group

Dan’s perceptiveness allows him to offer insights and actionable advice that far surpasses standard coaching methodologies.

I was introduced to Dan through Westpac’s investment in my professional development as a senior leader. My role in the Chief Transformation Office demands broad and highly tuned executive stakeholder management skills. Dan’s expertise has been instrumental in advancing my ability to navigate complex stakeholder relationships, leading to enhanced outcomes for the Westpac group.

Coaching with Dan has given me a richer understanding of my colleagues' motivations as well as my own, enabling me to better respond in critical and stressful situations. Dan's perceptiveness allows him to offer insights and actionable advice that far surpasses the standard coaching methodologies I've encountered in the past. He has helped me, as an individual, to build on my own strengths rather than trying to emulate others.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dan to anyone looking to significantly elevate their leadership, particularly in roles that require exceptional stakeholder management skills.

Suzanne Bartkiw

Suzanne Bartkiw

Head of Consumer Portfolio Design and Governance, Westpac

I have no hesitation recommending Dan for any Executive / Leadership coaching work.

Dan is a standout coach to help elevate your focus on enterprise strategy, leadership and teamwork. Dan has been incredibly insightful in helping me understand people and their motivation (including my own triggers). Working with Dan has been valuable in developing and driving a finance strategy across the team and organisation.

Where Dan excels, in my opinion, is shaping your thought process by asking challenging and thought provoking questions to ensure you are viewing the entire picture (not just your own personal viewpoint). This has helped me change my approach to a number of situations with both Executive Leadership Team and the Finance organisation.

Michael Tzimoulas

Michael Tzimoulas

Executive Director - CFO, NSW Department of Customer Service


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