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Auerbach Executive Coaching

The Auerbach Coaching Method

Master your self. key relationships. strategy.

Bespoke coaching backed by decades of expertise in the fields of psychology, commerce and leadership.

For C-Suite Executives, Board Members, high level contributors and successful founder CEOs.

Experience Australia's most advanced coaching approach.


Integrated Transformational Master Level Coaching

In today’s dynamic leadership landscape, three core challenges stand out.

Learn to tackle these challenges head-on and realise your full potential.

Mastering self, relationships, strategy.

1. Self Mastery

Leadership is more than a title; it’s about finding your authentic voice and inspiring others into action.

Unearth your leadership personality, receive nuanced psychologically informed feedback and shape your leadership reputation.

Become a leader with

  • commanding executive presence

  • crystal clear messaging

  • unwavering integrity

2. Relationship Mastery

In the world of business, relationships are the bedrock of success.

I’ll arm you with the latest thinking in relationship science to decode motivations, understand group dynamics and navigate stakeholder negotiations.

Become a leader who masterfully

  • navigates complex relationships

  • fosters strong collaboration

  • influences culture & performance

3. Strategic Mastery

In an era of constant change, leaders need a sanctuary free from bias to tackle complex problems, strategise and prioritise.

Enjoy a confidential high quality thinking space to lay out inputs and expertly recalibrate them in line with your vision and strategy.

Advance your skills to:

  • demonstrate exceptional reasoning,

  • anticipate challenges

  • deliver on innovation, strategy and execution.

I enjoy a close working partnership with a select group of senior leaders.

Overcome leadership challenges.

Develop clarity and confidence.

Expand your options and influence.

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Coaching Process

1. Discovery


This is an initial consult with you as the direct coaching client, or with a corporate sponsor or manager, to understand key challenges and objectives for leadership development. I’ll help you map development goals in-line with leadership traits that correlate with improved business performance, team engagement and accountability, personal satisfaction and resilience.

Chemistry Check

Before we kick off, I meet new coaching clients for an initial 30-minute conversation to answer your questions, learn more about you and your goals and to share a little about my approach. Most importantly, we will see if we get along, if my approach makes sense for you and whether we are a good fit to do some meaningful work together.

Assessment and Goal Setting

At the outset, we look at what success looks like for you and for your organisation. We choose one to three key objectives that will deliver maximum impact on your leadership performance and personal satisfaction. We may choose to interview key stakeholders or use 360 instruments to assess your current leadership reputation. We choose goals that will give you a stunning ROI for your time and effort.

2. Development

Coaching Program Duration

Coaching packages typically run between 4 and 12 months or on a retainer basis for ongoing coaching.

Session Frequency & Length

Initially, we will meet weekly or fortnightly. This depends on both of our availability and your needs. Sessions are one hour.

We may taper or change the session frequency as indicated by your progress and current needs.

3. Review Outcomes

To review outcomes, we will do a joint assessment of your achievements and any remaining challenges. We will likely also seek views from your key stakeholders or coaching sponsors. Leadership is in part about your reputation, so other’s perceptions are key for an accurate assessment of your development.

Next Steps

Most leaders find enormous benefits in personalised coaching. Subject to your goals and (your organisation’s) budget, we may contract for a further period of coaching.

I work with a number of CSuite executives and CEOs of an ongoing basis, to ensure sustainable high-level performance, satisfaction and wellness.


Integrated Transformational Master Level Coaching

Leadership coaches aren’t all built the same. My clients demand a rigorous approach built on sound foundations.

My Approach

Science-Backed Psychology
As a master practitioner of psychology, I provide you with nuanced feedback on your thinking style, biases, relationship skills, behaviour traits, personality and likely leadership impact.

Learning Theory
As a former MBA Lecturer (AGSM), my coaching approach is intellectually engaging, theoretically sound and actionable.

Commercial Knowledge
As a successful entrepreneur and CEO, I bring a practical and highly commercial lens to our conversations.

Key Credentials

Dual-Qualifications – Psychology & Commerce
A uniquely balanced expert approach to leadership development.

Preferred Coach
Westpac, Allianz, Knight Frank, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Super Retail Group, UNSW, Insignia Financial, NSW Government Departments etc.

Advanced 360° Assessment
Licensed assessor of the Leadership Circle Profile and Hogan 360, for a well-rounded understanding of your leadership reputation.

Target Audience

A confidential attache to CEOs who need to sustain the highest level of leadership.

Unlock influence, reputation, collaboration, strategic clarity, wellbeing and career progression.

SLT High Potentials
Closing the gap between managerial and executive leadership for performance at scale.

HR & Talent Executives
A partner and expert resource for people and culture executives.

Founder Entrepreneurs
A trusted thought partner to some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs.


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